Are you asking this question to yourself? Am I Pregnant?  To find out the answer you have to go through a pregnancy test or an ultrasound test.

When do the symptoms start?  |  Do all women get the early symptoms of pregnancy?  |  Missed period  |  Raised body temperature  |  Fatigue  |  Cramping & spotting  |  Increased heart rate  |  Early changes to breasts  |  Mood change  |  Bloating & constipation  |  Frequent urination  |  Morning sickness, nausea, and vomiting  |  Smell sensitivity  |  Darkening areolas  |  High blood pressure & dizziness  |  Gain in weight  |  Heartburn  |  Pregnancy glow & acne  |  Headaches & back pain  |  Feeling faint or dizzy  |  Metallic taste in the mouth  |  Vivid dreams  |  Content Courtesy

But you can also clear your doubts by observing or noticing a few of the signs which may indicate and answer your question of “Am I pregnant?” because early signs are far more than just a missed period.

I have listed up the most common symptoms to see if it’s the time to pee on that stick or not.

When do the symptoms start?

It may sound awkward, but your first week of pregnancy is based on the date of your last menstrual period. The last menstrual period is generally considered as the first week of the pregnancy.

From the last menstrual period date, only the delivery date is expected.

Do all women get the early symptoms of pregnancy?

The answer is simply No. Every woman is different. So how can it be possible to have their symptoms similar?

Every symptom which shows itself in the early pregnancy can be similar to which the symptom can be seen during the menstrual period. This is the reason most of the woman do not recognize their pregnancy during the early days.

So I have compiled 21 symptoms which can give you the answer to your question, Am I Pregnant?

But we have to remember that these symptoms does not necessarily stand alone for pregnancy only. It may occur because of any other reason too. The only way to confirm that you are pregnant is by the pregnancy test.

1. Missed period.

Once the implantation is complete, your body starts producing the hormone named “Human Chorionic Gonadotropin-hCG“, this hormone tells the human body to stop releasing the mature eggs each month and further helps in maintaining the pregnancy.

The pregnancy detection stick also detects the pregnancy by detecting the presence of this hormone (hCG) in the urine.

If you have an irregular period, you will want to go through the pregnancy test to confirm, since most of the home pregnancy tests can detect hCG.

But a missed period can also occur due to stress, diet or an irregular schedule, So a missed period does not always mean that the baby is on its way.

2. Raised body temperature

Raise in the Basal Body Temperature (BBT), is also an indication of pregnancy.

The basal body temperature (BBT) graph shows that you have ovulated, not that you are about to.

This time you should drink more water.

3. Fatigue

am i pregnant? fatigue healthzzz

During the early days of pregnancy, the body generates several hormones that are new for it, like progesterone, which leads to fatigue. Other reasons for fatigue during pregnancy are lower blood pressure and a boost in blood production.

Feeling very tired is very normal during pregnancy.

Eating foods that are rich in protein and iron and getting lots of sleep can help offset fatigue.

4. Cramping & spotting

During weeks 1 to 4, every process is at the cellular level. The fertilized egg creates blastocyst, which is a fluid-filled group of cells, This blastocyst only develop into the body and the organs of the baby.

After week 4, the blastocyst will implant into the lining of the uterus, endometrium. This leads to the bleeding, which is generally mistaken for a light menstrual period.

Besides bleeding, a woman may notice a white, milky discharge from her vagina. This happens because of the thickening of the vagina’s wall, and it occurs just after the conception. This discharge is harmless until a bad smell is observed. You must consult your doctor after the bad smell.

Avoid smoking & taking a heavy dose of medicinal drugs during this stage.

5. Increased heart rate

Heart rate starts pumping harder & faster around the 8th to 10th week. This is normally due to hormones.

Increase blood flow is a later symptom of the pregnancy.

But if you are a heart patient, then it’s better not to ignore the increased heart rate, and consult your doctor immediately.

6. Early changes to breasts

Tingling or soreness in breasts is the common sign of early pregnancy. The breast will fill out, will change shape as they are preparing to produce milk.

Due to some hormone changes, you could develop swollen and tender breasts. After a few weeks, this symptom goes away as now your body has adjusted according to the new hormones.

Hormones continue to cause your breasts to grow.

Several maternity bras are available which can help you support tenderness and offer comfort. You can also purchase breast pads which help in reducing the friction on your nipples and nipple pain.

7. Mood change

During the initial pregnancy stage, many women start experiencing sudden mood swings. This is mainly due to the change in hormones in their bodies. This is the most common type of sign and is completely normal. It’s natural going through such emotions because the body is adjusting to new hormones.

Hormones such as estrogen & progesterone are at their peak during pregnancy which causes such changes.

Due to mood swings, it may also cause depression, irritability, anxiety, and euphoria.

8. Bloating & constipation

bloated- am i pregnant? healthzz

Due to the change in hormones, your body may feel bloated. Bloating is when your belly feels swollen after eating. This can slow down the digestive system.  This symptom is similar to what it feels like during the menstrual period.

Constipation can also occur in an early stage of pregnancy and can make you feel with a bloated abdomen.

9. Frequent urination

am i pregnant -washroom - healthzzz

During the early stage of pregnancy, the question Am I pregnant?  often occurs when you suffer frequent urination.

During pregnancy, your body pumps a lot more blood than usual. This causes the kidney to process more fluid than usual. That is why you have pee more.

The uterus presses directly on the bladder, this also leads to frequent urination. The added pressure and intestinal changes cause constipation.

You must drink about 300 mL extra water than normal to cope up with the weakness due to this symptom.

10. Morning sickness, nausea, and vomiting

Its called morning sickness, but it can happen any time of the day. The most common sign which makes a woman ask Am I Pregnant? is vomiting.  Its unclear what causes nausea, & morning sickness in a newly pregnant woman, but doctors say that hormones may be the reason behind them.

During the initial week, this symptom is most common, but it disappears with time.

Stay hydrated to fight against this symptom.

11. Smell sensitivity

Next time you feel like a superwoman who can smell much more than a normal person. Then ask yourself a question, Am I Pregnant?

Smell sensitivity is increased in a woman at early pregnancy, and this is the most common sign which can answer your question of Am I pregnant?

Many researchers and doctors believe that this sensitivity occurs to prevent a woman from eating spoiled food with toxins.

12. Darkening areolas

The areola is the dark circular area around the nipples. During the initial stage of pregnancy, these areolas start to become darker and wider.

This is because the body generates hormones that lead to the changes in the body and it starts preparing itself for the breastfeeding process.

13. High blood pressure & dizziness

An increase in blood pressure is generally seen in every pregnant woman at her initial stage.

This problem is due to an increase in blood flow.

You must do pregnancy-friendly exercises and track your blood pressure at this stage.

14. Gain in weight

Gaining weight because an increase in the diet occurs in the initial stage of pregnancy. You will feel an increasing weight of about 1 to 5 pounds during this period.

If you start gaining weight, this can become a good sign of being pregnant.

15. Heartburn

During the initial pregnancy stage, the hormones make the valve between the stomach and the esophagus to relax, which allows the stomach acid to leak through it. This causes heartburn and its normal in pregnancy.

This can be prevented by taking some precautions and measures, like eating in small meals instead of larger ones.

If the heartburn occurs slightly often then you should consult a doctor who may give you antacids.

16. Pregnancy glow & acne

Because of the increased blood volume, and higher hormonal growth and changes, your body is pushing more blood through the vessels. Due to this your body’s oil glands works a little bit more than normal.

This increase in the body’s oil gland function will make your face glow more. This is often known as “The Pregnancy Glow”.

17. Headaches & back pain

Frequent pregnant women often claim to have mil headaches and severe back pain.

This is a good sign of being pregnant

18. Feeling faint or dizzy

Due to hormonal changes, your body might be suffering from dilating blood vessels, lower sugar levels, and even lower blood pressure. All these lead to the feeling of faintness & dizziness.

19. Metallic taste in the mouth

This sign has no scientific answer to it. But some women often complain about an odd metallic taste in their mouth during pregnancy. This may last until a few weeks or even until the whole period of their pregnancy.

20. Vivid dreams

During pregnancy, many women also claim to see more intense dreams. So if you are seeing dramatic dreams, then congratulations, you may be pregnant.

This is mainly due to surging hormones.

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