Hello there! I am a health enthusiast, a health blogger. But I always try to research in-depth before posting any blog about health. This is because health is the most precious thing anyone can have. I was gonna write about a few home remedies which are being taught by my grandmother to me. But a question arose in my mind, are home remedies effective?

What are natural or home remedies?  |  Are home remedies effective?  |  Are natural ayurvedic (herbal) medicines 100% safe?  |  When to call your doctor?  |  Some common “scientifically proven” home remedies  |  Are natural home remedies always healthy?  |  Conclusion

are home made remedies effective- question- healthzzz

I mean can I suggest any DIY heath tips to you?

The same question “are home remedies effective?” must have come to your mind too. and you know what, it’s cool to have such kind of questions.

So I have researched a lot about the topic and finally came up with some facts based on this question.

According to one study, every 4 out of 10 individuals used some kind of alternative remedy. For centuries, people have turned towards the natural remedies to fight common diseases like toothaches, stomach ache, colds & cough, and several other ailments.

What are natural or home remedies?

As the name suggests, there are several diseases like cold, cough, ache, pain, skin issues, hair problems, etc. which can be cured by some natural ingredients available at our home, like turmeric, yogurt/curd, tulsi leaves, etc. Such types of DIY cure from natural substances are generally known as home remedies.

Many people use home remedies that are either strongly recommended by a friend or by a family member as an age-old remedy.

But for some major diseases like cancer, HIV, etc., these cures may not be appropriate to be followed.

Are home remedies effective?

are home remedies effective - healthzzz

I think home remedies are a very cheap and effective way to cure tonnes of diseases. Let it be skin, teeth, hair or even stomach. Home remedies have a solution for a lot of diseases. We should not be shocked by the miracles of herbs and natural ingredients. This is because, even before these modern technically synthesized medicines were developed, our ancestors cured every disease by these natural remedies only.

We have to understand that home remedies are just the prescribed medicines, but it only depends upon the psychological and physiological conditions of the person.

Home remedies are better for commonly known diseases because these cures do not include any kind of harmful synthesized drug. Home remedies do not include any kind of side effects unless the individual has some allergy to any of the ingredients used for the cure.

The best advantage of home remedies is that they are much cheaper than the fees of the doctor including the medicines they recommend.

It’s better to avoid allopathic medicines as much as we can. Modern medicines are sometimes harmful to our kidneys. My mother is suffering from nephrotic syndrome, a disease in which the protein layer of the kidneys gets holes in it. The disease occurred because she was used to having a lot of pain killers for headache, stomach ache, which unfortunately leads to this chronic disease.

This is why I prefer natural remedies over modern medicines and that is why I feel that they are much effective.

 Are natural ayurvedic (herbal) medicines 100% safe?

are home remedies effective- healthzzz

When you think about natural home remedies, then it must sound appealing, right? But not all home remedies are effective or safe.

Many Companies are now there which claims to provide natural ayurvedic solutions with their products. But one big problem under it is that the major ingredients they use in their products are normally considered as food products by the government. So these products do not fall under the strict guidelines and regulations which other allopathic medicines face before becoming active for the use of their patients.

So just be careful before taking any natural ayurvedic medicine. If the disease is not so big, then its better to go with the home remedies rather than having medicines which claim to be natural.

When to call your doctor?

doctor - healthzzz

Home remedies are good as long as they do not interfere with the well being of the patient. Sometimes, the ingredients used in home remedies do not suit the individual. It may not be observed very soon but after a few hours or even days.

Let us imagine that one day you woke up with some sore throat and body pain, it obvious that you may get cold, you simply go to your kitchen and finds some ingredient which someone told you about. After having that self-made remedy, you observe that there is a pimple around your forehead and rashes start to appear around your neck. Now, this may be because of certain allergies which triggered due to that remedy which you made.

The one thing which you have to keep in mind is that home remedies are just for small and light ailments. If you try some natural home remedies but still cannot cure illness than it is better to call your doctor for an appointment.

Home remedies are better for the initial stage of any disease. You can cure the disease by certain useful home remedies but you cannot know the exact reason why you had that disease. Going to a doctor is very important as they pinpoint the reason for the illness.

So always remember to go to a physician or a doctor if home remedies do not work for you.

Some common “scientifically proven” home remedies

are home remedies effective - healthzzz

Turmeric milk: Its just one kind of a home remedy many Indians use. If you are in India, and you get yourself hurt, or feeling dizzy, or anything bad happens to your health, the most favorite Indian mom’s home remedy is “turmeric milk”. It’s from ages in Indian culture. Science & researches also proved the health benefit of turmeric when added to milk.

Rea Tea:  It is commonly known as “Kaali Chaay” in Indian local language Hindi. Red tea consists of a tea without milk which includes ingredients like ginger, tulsi leaves, cinnamon, etc. It is also called “Kaadhaa” in some regions of India. It is best suited for throat infection, cough, and cold.

These are few Indian home remedies that are a part of Indian culture for ages. Many researchers discovered some shocking facts about the effects of these home remedies. They contain some miracle like effect in fighting against some mild diseases.

Are natural home remedies always healthy?

It is common for people to think that “natural always means healthy”. But the truth is just the opposite.

Many natural things can kill you – deadly nightshade, poison hemlock, asbestos, and a lot of others may harm you.

Many natural home remedies include ingredients from the daily kitchen food items, but before having any natural alternate supplement, you have to check whether the supplement is chemically neutral with the medicine you are taking in or not.

Despite the risk of danger due to the interaction between the supplements and the medicine, only a few tell their doctor about the “natural” supplement that they are consuming.

Especially children are at great severe risk of poisoning from herbal or dietary supplements.

One reason for the popularity of such herbal supplements is that they are easy to buy. There is is no need to visit the doctor or there is no need for having a prescription. They are the ultimate health DIY.


Are home remedies effective? This question is based on how you want to hear the answer.

if you will ask me, I will say that home remedies are effective but you must do your little homework about the suggestions or recommendations which are being told to you.

The Internet is full of tips and tricks like “DIY Weight loss in 7 days”. “Lose belly fat in 3 days” and I can go on and on. You can give it a try, try searching any one of the above topics and you will find hundreds of so-called “professors” writing about this.

Just remember one thing, these kinds of tips or DIY home remedies can harm you. Never trust these fake clickbait tips. They don’t care about your health. The only thing that they want, is money from your pocket.

You must be thinking, ” Zayn, I have no science background, how can I decide whether a certain home remedy is effective or not?”.

Well, I have a simple solution for that, before accepting any claim, try to find out the people who are against that home remedy. Try to ask them why are they not favoring the remedy. Here you can be a skeptic.

And most importantly, you can always consult your doctor about any kind of confusion. He will guide you much better than anyone can.

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